What Is The Best Time Of Day To Take Real Estate Photos?

When taking real estate photos, there are times of the day when you will get the absolute best images for your property. When selling or renting out a property, taking photos is crucial as most people will ask for photos before they can buy or rent.

You should make sure the photos are professional, attractive, and captures all the features of the property. To achieve this, you need to understand the best times of day to take the photos as stated below.

1. Twilight


Twilight is that period before sunrise and after sunset. During this time, there is no direct sunlight but use the ambient light from the sky. Taking real estate photos during this time illuminates the structure or building both in the interior and exterior, which is an important and useful source for perfect images.

2. At Night

Night photography is ideal when taking images for tall buildings or structures such as city apartments. Taking images at night produces beautiful images and views from the street light and city views.

When taking photos of your real estate at night, ensure you turn the camera into night mode.

3. Cloudy day

If you want to take images for the exterior of your property, you should consider a cloudy day. When there are clouds in the sky, you avoid direct sunlight and harsh shadows on the floor of the house. You will get perfect shots and excellent interior exposure to your property.

4. Sunny days


Sunny days are a good time to take real estate photos than rainy days. On a sunny day, the colors of the structure will be well exposed, and the photos will look bright and energetic.

5. Daylight photography

Daylight photography is ideal when you want to capture the interior of the house or building with natural light. The best time for daylight photography is mid-day times.

When it comes to real estate, understanding when to take real estate photos is crucial. You will be able to get radiant, attractive, and inviting images that will help you get a buyer for your property fast.