HawkEye G: Endpoint Detection and Response.

Hawkeye G detect
Hawkeye G Verify
Hawkeye G Respond

Endpoint Detection & Response

  • Improve endpoint detection of all threats
  • Integrate your solutions for total visibility
  • Protect your endpoints from malicious threats
  • Prioritize endpoint attack alerts
  • Leverage threat verification and analysis

Wanna Demo?

“How can I ensure 360° visibility into my network and endpoints?”

“Which of these alerts really need my attention, and which are false positives?”

“Attacks are continuous. Can I be confident that my response is too?”

You're Up Against Some Tough Obstacles

Visibility and Security

Lack of Endpoint and Network Visibility

HawkEye G is an integrated platform for visibility and security.

  • Real-time endpoint sensors
  • Network edge detection
  • Third-party ecosystem
verification and priority

Too Many Events and False Positives

HawkEye G’s ThreatSyncTM technology gives verification and priority of threats.
Host and network correlation confirms and scores the threat to pinpoint where you really need to respond.

Remove threats quickly and Continuously

Not Enough Trained Staff to Respond Fast Enough

Empower your team to remove threats quickly and continuously with HawkEye G.
Policy-based automation and machine-guided response is a force multiplier to remove the threat before breach or damage.

What is Hexis HawkEye G?

Hexis HawkEye G is a next generation endpoint security solution
that enables you to leverage multiple detection methods for improved visibility,
correlate and analyze threat severity with our proprietary ThreatSync™ technology,
and response quickly through automated or machine-guide remediation.


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Industry Recognition

Hexis has Received Some Serious Industry Recognition

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