How to Prepare Your eCommerce Store for the Holiday Season

On one hand, the holiday rush is something every single eCommerce business loves. The incoming increase of demand, the massive website visits to boost your ranking, the festive mood, and the overall profits make it a winning time of any year for online stores. However, the holiday season comes with increased responsibilities for digital shop owners, too. Your eCommerce presence needs to be perfectly optimized to keep up with the demand, without crashing mid-purchase for your faraway buyer that will never be seen again, your staff needs to be ready to answer a slew of incoming questions and inquiries, and your inventory needs to be in pristine order. 

These are just some out of a plethora of preparations every eCommerce store needs to conduct in order to greet the holiday seasons with the jolly it deserves. Now, before you jump right ahead and start promoting your latest discounts, there are a few strategies to put in place. Consider the following eCommerce-approved methods that can help you make the most of this festive season while you turn a decent profit!

Get festive with your digital designs

Do you know that special feeling of entering an actual, physical store when Christmas is approaching, and you’re greeted by the scent of fresh pine, and all the glitter you can possibly imagine? All stores do their best to put on a festive look. It helps them celebrate with their customers, inspires a more intimate atmosphere, and it certainly contributes to the feeling of community, with all the other stores huddled up in their Christmas outfits right next to one another.

The key disadvantage of a digital store is that you cannot really mimic the same intimacy of actual human interaction. What you can do is transform your webshop into a Christmas spectacle that manages to imbue its pages with bliss and joy without overwhelming the senses or distracting the shoppers from their main reason to be there. So, get your creative design team to add some festive features to your store, and your visitors will be more likely to spend some more time browsing and buying. 

eCommerce Store for the Holiday Season

Put a greater emphasis on SEO

No matter how enticing your products may be (or their holiday prices), you need to make sure that your store has ample visibility during this particular season. Why? Because the internet will be swamped with sponsored posts, ads, and brand-new content by all of your competitors eagerly trying to earn the attention of your target audience as well as the favour of search engines. 

To make the most of your digital presence, you should rely on white label SEO techniques that will help you get the level of exposure you need, from creating original, optimized content, all the way to authoritative link-building. You need to start preparing early enough so that the results of your SEO efforts begin rolling in when the holidays come. Finally, make sure that all of your new landing pages with those lovely Christmassy features, discounts, and keywords are perfectly suitable for handheld devices so that search engines can rank you fairly.

Make sure your website works seamlessly

By that, we mean all of your website’s versions. Every single page, every single image, video, blog post, infographic, every product description needs to be visible, quick to load, and scalable to fit all kinds of screen sizes. Most importantly, since almost half of all online shopping has thus far happened on mobile devices, you need to conduct regular and thorough maintenance checks to ensure your website works perfectly on mobile phones. This is a somewhat complex process so it’s a good idea to turn to the best digital marketing agency you can find to fine-tune your website and make it perform as it should for the holiday season. By Thanksgiving alone, shoppers have spent over $4 billion online, which means that you cannot possibly afford not to be available during such a shopping surge.

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Use social media to promote discounts and sales

In addition to using your website landing pages to show off your lovely discounts and gift certificates, as well as many other perks you’ve come up to woo your customers, you need to get the word out far and wide. Social platforms are ideal channels for spreading the holiday buzz and getting more engagement through sharing holiday-inspired content, setting up voting polls, getting people to compete for holiday prizes, and the like.

Make sure that your website and your social media presence are both in line with one another, so that you can utilize both to drive traffic to your eCommerce store and to boost sales in the weeks to come. 

Focus on improving security 

Finally, holiday shopping is not your typical everyday perusing and getting something on impulse that’s neither expensive nor too valuable. People buy meaningful, often costly items that have emotional value, too, to impress their loved ones. Naturally, they want to know you’re doing your best to keep their investment safe and to deliver the gift in perfect condition, in time. 

Now that your store and your customers are particularly vulnerable, you need to make it perfectly clear that you’ve taken all precautions to prevent security breaches and that their most sensitive data is safe with your business. Let them know that you are PCI-compliant, use the most effective firewall to protect your website integrity, and utilize encryption whenever possible.

eCommerce Store


While there are many ways in which you can slowly grow your store’s presence, the holiday season is a perfect opportunity to harness the power of generosity and inspire people to stop by your digital shop. Use these tactics within your own strategy, and you will enable your eCommerce store to flourish and work without a hitch during the weeks that lie ahead!