How to Hire the Best Candidates in Europe

In any industry, there are normally a lot of job seekers. Your duty as a hiring entity is to sieve the chaff from the wheat with caution! Like in any other region across the globe, when hiring in Europe, you have to be compliant with the labor laws and regulations. But, how do you hire the best candidates for your company first? Here are four tips to guide you:

  1.     Look for career-oriented professionals

One of the features to look for in candidates that you are looking to hire is their commitment to their careers and desire to grow professionally. But, who are considered career-driven people? These are professionals who believe that their career success is dependent on them and they take responsibility for making it happen. When you hire people who seem to be juggling multiple careers or who have been hopping from one company to another in the past, chances are that they will not stick around for too long. 

The catch is that people who seem focused on their career will also help you grow your business because they also benefit from your success. Career-driven professionals are also loyal and will view working for you as a chance to develop themselves. Among the features to look out for when interviewing these professionals include team mentality, self-awareness, commitment, and flexibility.

  1.     Leverage PEO to hire

A professional employment organization (PEO) makes the process of staff recruitment easy and simple for employers particularly those expanding abroad. They use a co-employment model to get you the right staff. Suppose you are expanding in Europe, you can use Ireland PEO to attract the top talent in your industry to help you propel your small or mid-sized business forward. A PEO firm will help you reduce the amount of money that you would originally spend traveling to a foreign country to set up your business and recruit staff. 

They also save you from hiring unqualified professionals who might run your business down the drain. Most importantly is that they alleviate you from human resource compliance troubles that might have you paying hefty fines. The beauty of a PEO is that they handle all employee matters so that you focus on the core issues of growing your business without any concerns. 

  1.     Get people with experience

You should consider hiring people who are both qualified and experienced for your business to realize the best outcomes. There are a ton of benefits of working with experienced people. Among them is that they have great self-knowledge compared to early career professionals who are just discovering themselves. Experienced people are more grounded and have had enough time to cultivate their identities and work ethics. This means they have a full understanding of their abilities, strengths, and potential and they will bring that to your business. They are also multi-skilled from working in various industries and will help your company make calculated moves. 

Additionally, they bring forth minimal risks to your business given that they have tried nearly everything and know what works and when. In case you didn’t know, they are cost-effective because you also save on money that you would spend training new talent. In a nutshell, experienced people have the stamina to weather whatever economic downturns that your organization encounters because let’s face it, they have seen it all!

  1.     Take into consideration “the culture fit” 

When recruiting, you want to hire people who can conform to your company’s culture. This means that they need to have developed their social and soft skills to maintain the orderly atmosphere that you have in your company. Ideally, the best employees are the ones that add to your positive office culture. No man is an island! Given that you want your staff to work as a team, you need to hire people with strong collaborative and interpersonal skills. 

To spot these candidates, you should check their work history and assess their suitability through interview questions. Additionally, you must perform a reference check to see how they got along with their former employers and colleagues.


Finding the best candidates for your company in Europe is a long and complex process, but it is worth the time you put into it. Your employees become part of your community which makes the process of choosing them critical lest your business fails. The right ones will always be easy to spot, you just need to look hard!