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Researchers aim to open a cybersecurity lab at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

At Hexis, we're always thrilled to see more resources being put toward security. We're especially happy that the new lab will be just 15 minutes away from our headquarters.

IBM Research and the university are collaborating on the new center. The Accelerated Cognitive Cybersecurity Laboratory - as it's formally known - should be open by fall.

One exciting project it already has...


Adobe Flash, long despised by IT security departments, will soon no longer be the default video player for the world's most popular browser.

Google announced that Chrome will switch to HTML5 by the end of 2016. Desktop users may still enable Flash for particular sites, however.

"If a site offers an HTML5 experience, this change will make that the primary experience," wrote Anthony LaForge, technical program manager at Google. "We will continue to ship Flash Player with...


"What's the name of your first pet?"

Somehow, odd queries like that have become standard security questions for online banking.

And that points to a problem that voice recognition aims to solve. Customers are tired of remembering passwords, passcodes, security images and the like.

Major banks see voice authentication as a way to more quickly and securely confirm customer identity.

Barclays already offers voice as an authentication factor. But the service isn't...



At the end of April, we announced the release of HawkEye G 4.0, our next generation endpoint detection and response solution. The “golden” feature was the addition of network sandboxing capabilities powered by our partnership with Lastline™. We’ve also added a cloud deployment option for our HawkEye G Manager and a premium, 24/7 managed service.

Wait a minute, did you just say that the big new feature for your endpoint solution was network sandboxing?


What's a bigger problem, ransomware or Advanced Persistent Threats?

Last year, you might have said APTs. But a well-known researcher claims ransomware has become today's top threat.

Kaspersky Lab found nearly three thousand new ransomware variants just in the first three months of 2016.

The rise of ransomware is simply explained: The method works.

We're sure APTs will continue to cause trouble. But only nation-states and organized crime syndicates may have the...


Members of the "hacktivist" collective Anonymous have launched a series of Distributed Denial of Service attacks on banks worldwide. So far, the group appears to have succeeded in temporarily taking down a handful of bank websites.

Confirmed victims include the National Bank of Panama and central banks of Greece, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. The targeting of the Panamanian bank comes after a data breach in that country that exposed workings of a law firm that specializes...


"Bug bounties" have been in the news lately. The crowd-sourced contests offer prizes for finding security gaps. Well-known companies that have offered programs include Yahoo, DropBox and Twitter.

Recently the federal government launched its first bug bounty program - and it aimed high. "Hack the Pentagon" gave vetted white-hat hackers serious money to expose flaws in Department of Defense websites.

The contest recently concluded after twenty days. As much as one hundred and...


Layers of defense that include next-generation endpoint protection are crucial to warding off ransomware attacks, say the authors of a new study.

The Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology recently published the 27-page analysis taking a look at the war against ransomware. Researchers James Scott and Drew Spaniel produced the report with the help of 14 ICIT Fellows who occupy key jobs at tech and cybersecurity firms.

Endpoint security can't be optional The...


Do your coworkers have one password for everything? It's a very bad idea.

That's a takeaway from news of a giant email credential breach.

A security researcher says he "bought" two-hundred and seventy two million email addresses and passwords on the dark Web. The price? The hacker wanted less than a dollar but settled for a few "likes" on social media.

The stolen accounts are mostly on a Russian email service. But U.S. providers like Gmail, Yahoo! and Microsoft were...


One of the most talented players in this year's NFL draft needed better cybersecurity.

Someone with a grudge against Laremy Tunsil got into his Twitter account. The hacker posted an old photo of the top prospect smoking pot in a gas mask.

The uproar caused the offensive tackle to fall seven spots. The Miami Dolphins still took him as the thirteenth overall pick. But he might have gone as high as sixth. That spread is worth about eight million dollars.

Fine, you say. ...


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