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You work hard to protect your organization's network and endpoints. But all your software updates, image re-installations and security audits can be for naught when employees have bad password hygiene.

The critical importance of passwords will be underscored on May 5, which a consortium of industry groups has dubbed "Password Day."

Blow away some work stress with 'Password Blaster' Backers of the awareness-raising effort created a nifty website to encourage better...


Researchers at MIT have figured out how human experts can work with an automated detection system to produce stunning results. We'll get to the details of how it works. The upshot? After 90 days of humans and machines learning from one another, the system was able to identify 85 percent of cyber attacks launched against it.

The breakthrough took place at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Computer scientists...


Earlier this year, hackers pulled off one of the world's largest cyber bank robberies. The intruders stole $81 million from Bangladesh Bank.

The identity of the attackers is still unknown, but details have emerged on how they did it.

Security researchers say the intruders found a way to cover their tracks in the SWIFT financial platform. That network, which is owned collectively by 3,000 financial institutions, is critical to money transfers around the globe. Best known...


Last year saw fewer cyber attacks on banks, according to computing giant IBM. Instead, more attacks were aimed at health care companies.

Hospitals and clinics continue to be under siege in 2016. Hackers have discovered that ransomware is highly effective against health care systems.

IBM's survey also showed that manufacturing is increasingly under attack. That makes sense as the Internet of Things expands.

For 2015, the financial sector became the third-most attacked ...


Hexis HawkEye G did it again; we’ve added another award to our portfolio! We’re thrilled our flagship solution, HawkEye G, has been declared the winner of the Endpoint Security category for the 2016 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards!

The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards honor individuals, products and companies that demonstrate excellence, innovation and leadership in information security. This annual award is produced in cooperation with the Information Security Community, consisting of...


Name a big bank. Odds are it has been victim of a successful cyber attack.

In just one breach, thieves stole the data of eighty million JPMorgan Chase customers. But hackers don't have to defeat big-time bank security to reach lucrative data.

The Federal Reserve warns that targeting tiny banks can lead to breaches just as large. Getting inside small banks gives bad guys access to financial systems used worldwide.

Cybercriminals have already been caught trying this...


Fewer cyber pros say their organization's security infrastructure is up to date. That's one big takeaway from this year's Annual Security Report by tech giant Cisco.

But there's a silver lining. While concerns rose over keeping up with the tech arms race, industry insiders say their teams are getting more training than before.

The report also gives evidence of one thing you already know: Advances in automated detection and response are speeding up reactions to threats. And...


President Barack Obama has made his latest move on the cybersecurity front.

The White House announced twelve appointments to the new Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity. The group's job? To tell the country what to do over the next ten years to strengthen cybersecurity.

The commission is charged with improving IT security in both the public and private sectors.

The panel draws from experts in business, academics and the military. Among them is General Keith...


In a recent article from CSO Magazine, Kacy Zurkus gave some highlights from Infiltrate 2016, a conference for offensive hackers. The article focuses on the conference keynote by Nate Fick, CEO at Endgame, in which he leveraged his government and private sector experience to discuss the future of the “digital enterprise.”

In the keynote, Mr. Fick discusses the importance of enterprise organizations harnessing the skills and insights of offensive hackers who are able to “think...


If you're on the IT security team for a financial services company, the four letters "ZeuS" probably still give you the chills.

ZeuS, one of the most successful Trojans ever created, has been around for nearly a decade. The malware enabled the theft of at least $3 million from U.S. banks alone, according to CNN Money. Companies successfully hacked included the nation's two largest financial institutions - Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase.

ZeuS begat Citadel, which...


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