Best Medical Transcription Companies in 2018

Transcription services have caused huge steps in improving healthcare. The continued advancement of technology has slowly changed the way data records are recorded and stored. Medical transcription is the method of collecting and storing data electronically through voice recording either by phone of voice recorders. You can keep track of your health status at the convenience of your home and even when you are on vacation through medical transcription. To get the best premium services available, you need to know the medical companies that rank highly in 2018.

1. Perry Johnson & Associates, Inc

In a medical field where accuracy can be the line between life and death, Perry Johnson & Associates, Inc has a lot of experience and qualified medical experts, with three years in the industry. They take the utmost care to ensure that you get your documents exactly the way you want them and the time you wish. Their transcription services are reliable and customers with QA scores of 98.7% or higher.


Their powerful and easy-to-use medical transcription platform is internet based providing rapid delivery of documents ranging between 45 minutes to 24 hours. They are also 100% HIPAA compliant with their document storage located in their database. Their services are fairly priced they are easily accessible through the internet through their website.

2. Stat Transcription Services, Inc

This company is one of the pioneers in the industry. Since their inception in 2001, Stat Transcription Services have been offering transcription services to thousands of people. Their experience in the field is undoubted and unbeatable. They are able and have the personnel to transcribe overflow or complete outsourcing, irrespective of the size of the hospital.

They serve small and large hospitals, medical centers, individual doctors and laboratories. With unbeatable rates of $0.10 Per Line, their price is very favorable. Stat Transcription Service, Inc comfortably ranks among the best medical transcription company.

3. DoctorDocs Medical Transcription Services

DoctorDocs is also a frontrunner in the field of medical transcription services. They have an online PC friendly automated system that easily integrates with hospital systems. HIPAA compliant, they are one of the safest services to consult with speech recognition HL7 systems. Their IntraScript systems support you with all digital and hand-held dictation devices, including analog phones.

Your privacy, security, and confidentiality are assured. Their IntraScipt technology is secured by VeriSign and is certified by Microsoft Engineers and Analysts. The services also comprise of built-in audit features that automatically record who accesses a file and at what time. The method of payment is also easy with online billing system.


Keeping track of your health is no longer expensive and tiring. Medical transcription services have made everything easier and convenient for you. The most appealing aspect of the medical transcription services is their accuracy which assures you of perfect results. However, not all companies can offer you the best services. For 100% guarantee of satisfaction, you need to look for companies that have been proven and tested. These companies are undoubtedly the best to handle all your medical transcription services. Worry not as your solution is here!