Best Christmas Presents for Outdoor Lovers in 2020

You probably can’t believe that Christmas is already here (this has been one super weird year), but it really is time to start looking into presents for your loved ones. While a work acquaintance can get a bottle of wine or a simple office mug, you want to treat the people you truly care about something they will love and cherish. But if you have a lot of nature lovers in your family, you won’t have any issues picking out a gift this year (experts are recommending to spend a lot of time in nature in fresh air and sunshine during the pandemic). However, if you still need some suggestions, here are the best presents for outdoorsy people in 2020.

Picnic must-haves

Outdoor lovers don’t just spend their whole day walking, climbing rocks or searching for firewood. Spending time in nature is also about relaxation and what better way to relax than with a nice picnic. Every meal tastes better in fresh air and sunshine, so provide your gift recipient with a great way to take their favorite food outside and enjoy it with their loved ones. A few accessories for al fresco meals include a thermos for coffee or tea, reusable cutlery and plates—the durable kind, natural straws that are practical and eco-friendly and a cozy outdoor picnic blanket. If you want to be invited to your friend’s famous picnic, this gift will provide you with a spot at the next outing for sure.

Sleeping bag

All people who are planning to spend the night in the open, no matter the weather, will need a quality sleeping bag. Nights in nature can get chilly so staying warm and safe to have a good night’s sleep is crucial. So, cozy sleeping bags are a great present for Christmas and your nature-loving friend will love their present. Sleeping bags come in all sizes, shapes, materials and colors, so you won’t have any issues finding something you like. If you know your outdoorsy buddy has a sleeping bag already, you can spice up their nature experience with a bivvy bag—a waterproof cover for a sleeping bag. This gift will allow them to sleep literally under the stars and enjoy nature in its rawest and most beautiful form.

Quality pocket knife

No matter where they camp, how old they are or how experienced they are when it comes to spending time in nature, your nature-loving friend will always need to have a good knife with them during their outings. Nature is unpredictable and you never know when you’ll need to cut something, make something or protect yourself from someone.  Luckily, a multi-function OTF knife will always come in handy. These automatic knives open quickly, so you can safely rely on them no matter how tricky the situation gets. Also, they are small and can fit in any pocket—it’s truly a smart and practical gift for all outdoorsy people. While you’re here, you might want to get one for yourself just in case you get into camping and hiking in the future.

Solar string lights

Every camper knows that lighting your camp is not always an easy task. Fumbling around with matches in the dark is a challenge and LED lanterns require a constant supply of power and batteries. But, you can put a stop to all your friend’s lighting troubles with practical (and festive) solar string lights. They can let them charge during the day and then use them as a light source in the evening. Some models even have external USB ports, so one can use solar energy to charge their devices. They can also be used at home in case of power outages, so they are a real hit present!

Hammock for two

Outdoor relaxation has never been as romantic and cute as with a hammock for two. There’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying the stars or sunshine while cuddling with your SO. Plus, your gift recipient has kids, they will also love using your present as swing.

Hiking boots

This is probably the most thoughtful and practical Christmas gift for all people who enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, hunting or doing any activity in the open air. No matter what they love to do in nature, it’s always good to have a quality pair of boots to keep their feet warm and safe from the elements, terrain and predators. Also, you can find countless types of boots, so this gift can work for any nature lover. When buying your present, consider the color, use, materials and climate, and you will certainly pick the right model. Consult with their family members when it comes to size and you’re ready to go shopping for boots!

While this Christmas might be a little bit different than the ones we’re used to, presents are still the one constant in this entire mess of a situation. With these great outdoorsy gift ideas, you will certainly make someone’s holidays merry and cheerful.