Hi and welcome to HELISCYBER.COM!

Ever noticed how you can check out all the familiar tech sites (you know who we mean) and just find the same articles rehashed over and over again? Well, in our opinion that’s the lazy way of reporting! After all, who wants to click between their bookmarks just to find the latest tech news being endlessly rehashed from notoriously bland press releases?

Our mission is to break this trend by creating a site that only delivers truly expert reporting on all aspects of the tech industry. Our core team has enjoyed decades of cumulative experience across the board both working within the trade and also reporting on it. Thanks to this we have exclusive access to experts in every field imaginable – from digital photography through to web design and future technologies. You name it, we’ll have a guest expert ready to contribute a truly expert, insider’s opinion.

Longer term we will make this an interactive space where your readers can not just ‘comment’, but also contribute their own material and knowledge about their own interests. Our focus is not concerned about what happened last week, but instead on this very day and with an eye to reporting impending developments as well.

So welcome to our site – we’re happy to have you onboard!