6 Reasons to Choose Managed WordPress Hosting

If you run a business today, you understand the importance of online success. You need to deal with a lot of things like hosting, content creation, marketing, social media and much more. Having an efficient website is also another thing that will promote the success of your business. You need a website that is fast, deflects security attacks, handles the visitors you get in a day and holds up even the heaviest load.

If you have chosen WordPress as your ideal platform, you might require managed WordPress hosting because it requires technical knowledge. I made this guide to help you understand what is WordPress hosting and why you need the service.

What Exactly is Managed WordPress Hosting?

In simple terms, managed WordPress hosting is a service in which all the technical aspects of operating WordPress are managed by the host. This includes doing like managing security, WordPress updates, security, daily checkups, scalability, and website uptime.


This is a service that is great for high traffic blogs, companies and small to medium-sized business who need to save time and manpower.

Reasons why you should choose managed WordPress hosting

There are so many reasons why your site requires wordpress management services. They include the following:

1. Increased speed

If you have a website that is fast, it will rank high in search engines and convert traffic to revenue fast. Visitors love sites that are fast and your business will end up getting more engagement. There are so many reasons that cause WordPress sites to be slow. This is why you need managed WordPress hosting to take care of these factors and make your site fast even under the heaviest load of visitors.

2. Support

If you choose managed website hosting, you will enjoy 24/7 support from the team who answer your questions. In as much as you can get support if you have unmanaged hosting, it is always less personalized as compared to managed hosting.

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The service providers take you through all the steps that you need to manage the site while in the traditional hosting, they just help you and them you control and manage everything on your own.

3. Simplicity

Want to make managing your site easier? Then you should consider managed WordPress hosting. Running your site will be easy because the support team assist you to move your website to their server. This can be a better option for beginners who have less knowledge regarding hosting.

4. Experience

We all require support when it comes to web hosting accounts, don’t you? If you are talking about WordPress, then you need to know that experience is important. In as much as WordPress is popular, it has some flows too that might be caused by poor themes or plugins that are not well coded. As far as your hosting is concerned, experience will play a significant role and this is why you should look for a company with experience in WordPress.

5. Security

Security is crucial in regards to WordPress. There are so many people out there who are looking for means to exploit you. If you are working with an experienced WordPress host, your site will get more security. This is because they have security tools that identify flaws in the themes and plugins you have chosen.

6. Ease of setup

As compared to other platforms, WordPress is easy to set up. However, this can also be confusing in a case where you are setting up your database and file configurations.


If you don’t want to go through these tasks, you can use WordPress host to make your work easier.

Other services

Having managed WordPress hosting means that you don’t have to supervise your website as you would do in unmanaged hosting. A lot is done for you like updating WordPress site, regular backups, and other tasks.

Final Words

Running a website is not as simple as it looks. In fact, as your site gets bigger in terms of traffic and contents, you are prone to more issues. Having managed WordPress hosting services will help you overcome all these issues. Additionally, it will help you save time and manpower which makes running your business easier. I believe you now know the benefits that you will get from managed WordPress hosting.