5 Tips on Starting as a Crypto Social Media Marketer in 2021

Social media marketing is one of the foundational pillars of every corporate marketing strategy nowadays. However, it’s also something that individuals should do to build online exposure and grow their personal brands. Without a doubt, social media marketing is one of the best ways to grow your online presence, especially if you’re looking to gain exposure and popularity within a specific niche. 

In the modern digital environment, cryptocurrency has become immensely popular across the globe, and social media marketing is one of the best ways to get into the crypto marketing game. Whether you are a part of a company that operates in this space or if you want to build a popular crypto publication, or even if you’re operating solo, social media is the way to go. 

That’s why today we will be talking about the top tips you need to know and implement in order to get a head start as a crypto social media marketer in 2021.

Build a foundation of knowledge in the crypto space

First things first, to begin your social media journey within the crypto space, you need to build a foundation of knowledge. What’s more, now’s the time to build a habit of lifelong learning and diligent research, because the cryptocurrency industry is always evolving and changing. You not only need the foundational knowledge that you can pass on to the newcomers in the industry, but you also need to stay on top of the data-driven cryptocurrency trends that are shaping the crypto space as a whole. 

That’s the only way to build an authoritative social media presence and grow your following in the months and years to come. Luckily, there are numerous online publications and websites where you can get that base knowledge in great detail, which you can then condense for your social media audience, link to reputable sources, and use to infer your own conclusions and predictions for the industry. 

Remember, people want an easy and quick way to wrap their heads around the complex topics of cryptocurrency and the blockchain, meaning that they will look to your social media posts to get that invaluable information. You can tie your social media posting with relevant articles and even create your own long-form content to drive traffic to your personal website.

Crypto Social Media Marketer

Research the authorities in the industry

The crypto space is filled to the brim with dedicated websites and specialized news portals, all of which thrive on interviews and opinions from authority figures in the industry. Developers, investors, visionaries, financial experts and analysts, trend-setters, these individuals are invaluable to the crypto environment as a whole, and their opinions matter a lot to the crypto community. 

If you want to get ahead and grow your social media following and engagement, you not only need to quote these people and link their publications, but you also need to find the most reputable figures in the industry and follow them yourself.

Your social media accounts will gain more traction and exposure if you’re sharing valuable data from the experts themselves, so you need to keep scouring the online world for any piece of information that is valuable to your social media audience. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but it’s work that your followers are not going to do themselves, and they’ll love the fact that you have brought this information for them for free.

Share tips and guides on crypto mining and trading

Once you have the necessary foundational knowledge about cryptocurrencies and all of their facets, and once you have the expert opinions on your side, you can start sharing the latest hot tips in the crypto space. There are many ways you can share crypto news, but it’s important to focus on the things that people are interested in the most: mining and trading.

Now that businesses and individuals are mining cryptocurrencies more than ever before, people want to know which bitcoin mining hardware to get and how to use it for maximum efficiency. They also want you to compare hardware options and link to the original manufacturers so that they can get into the mining game quickly. 

The same goes for trading cryptocurrencies. You need to share tips and tricks on trading for companies and how to maximize revenue through cryptocurrencies, but also how individuals can utilize bitcoin and altcoins to grow their finances, buy goods and services, and more. You have a wealth of information here, so disseminate it through quick posts, images and infographics, and even long-form articles across the social media realm.

Reach out to crypto communities on social media 

The cryptocurrency social media space is a bustling beehive teeming with groups and passionate communities that follow every ebb and flow of the industry. These communities have the tendency to be pretty self-sufficient and exchange valuable information all on their own. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t contribute with your own experience, expertise, and practical advice.

In fact, you want to support these communities on various social media channels in order to gain more exposure and keep your brand fresh and relevant within the crypto niche. Be sure to join and post in relevant groups regularly, use the best hashtags to get community members interested, and tag authority figures in your posts to turn the attention of the online world on your social media profiles.

Crypto Social Media Marketer

Join local meetups to get an exclusive scoop

Last but not least, a big part of succeeding in the social media world nowadays, especially in the cryptocurrency industry, is making sure you’re networking with the right people at the right events. Remember, the crypto community meets offline as much as they meet online, so you should follow the local events and make sure you attend. 

There you will meet community members, business leaders and investors, and the authority figures in the industry. These people might even give you an exclusive interview that will invariably skyrocket your social media following when published.

Wrapping up

Building a career as a social media marketer can be done in numerous ways, as you can work for a company or an individual, or even choose to build your own social media success. In the crypto world, social media is one of the main drivers, so be sure to use these tips to build a thriving social media presence in the rising cryptocurrency industry.