5 Tips for Creating Effective YouTube Ads

Did you know that YouTube has 1,9 billion logged-in user visits every month? That’s around half of the Internet. And every day, they view a billion hours of videos. Even more, Cisco’s predictions state that video will be 82% of all internet traffic by 2022.

Nowadays, a marketing strategy without a video component in it only lowers visibility and stagnates business growth. When you think about how many people view video content every day, it is easy to understand why video should be the crown jewel of your marketing campaign. However, if you aren’t experienced, this may seem overwhelming. Below are five tips to help you create effective YouTube ads that actually gain attention from your audience.

Utilize YouTube targeting options to their full extent


Just like you should advertise on Instagram, Facebook and Google by paying close attention to the audience consuming your messages, so you should advertise on YouTube in a targeting manner. Cost-Benefit marketing is all about not advertising to unqualified and irrelevant eyes who likely find your offerings uninteresting. 

YouTube offers great flexibility, as you take control over who views your ads. To start, use demographic targeting and from there, layer on affinity audiences (to target individuals interested in a particular topic) in-market audience and custom affinity audiences.

Channel-specific placements

If you discover YouTube channels whose viewer characteristics match your target audience, based on topic, but likely on other factors as well, you can add those channels to your placement targeting. A nice example of a famous yet niche channel is Business Insider. The good part is, rather than contacting Business Insider’s sales representatives to purchase video ads on their website, you can target their viewers by buying ads on their YouTube channel.

Outsourcing vs. in-house


Developing a video strategy is a multi-step process, and how you produce your content should be at the top of your list of things to consider. Having an in-house team can be costly, but it adds creative control.

On the other hand, working with a professional video production company has its own set of benefits, including:

  • Unbiased, neutral point of view
  • A much bigger pool of production equipment
  • Specialized knowledge of video editing
  • Experience creating similar content for similar brands.


Insert your logo or brand name early on

Since viewers can skip video ads after five seconds, you’ll want to show your brand logo or name in the video as soon as possible. With this, you’ll be sure that your video is still producing brand recognition even if someone does skip the ad. You can complete this either by finding a way to creatively placing your logo or name on a product or object in the video or by simply inserting your logo/name in the corner of the ad.

Go with compelling, natural content that feels human

There are so many videos on the Internet. When you include the ability to skip over most YouTube ads, it’s crucial to concentrate on producing high-quality video content. Imagine quality as something that doesn’t feel like an average advertisement and doesn’t result in disturbance or annoyance.

Whether you go with a compelling story that wins the hearts and minds of your audience or humor that brings them laughing on their knees, including people and making a relatable experience that feels natural is your key goal. 


Building an effective and compelling YouTube ad campaign doesn’t have to be an overly difficult task. Use the tips above as a starting point and you will be well on your way to producing powerful and creative YouTube ads that can drive the success of your company.