5 Brilliant Tips: How to Care for and Protect Your Car Paint

Car owners know the struggle: no matter how hard they try, the paint on their car is never really perfect. There are always bird droppings and various insects to clean, small scratches appear seemingly out of nowhere, and car wash is another matter altogether. It’s clear that car paint is in desperate need of protection, especially if your paint job is expensive and you want it in pristine condition, but keeping it that way can be a challenge. Here’s how you can do it easily.

Park in a garage

As obvious as this is, many people seem to forget that the best way to ensure that your car is protected from the elements is to park it in a garage or under a sunroof. This way, there won’t be any bird droppings to watch out for or clean afterwards. A garage or a roof will also protect your car paint from the elements, meaning that you won’t have to worry about the sun damaging it, or the wind throwing any twigs and branches onto it during a storm.

Cover up

On the other hand, not everyone has a garage or a sunroof they can park under, but it doesn’t mean there’s nothing they can do to protect their car paint from damage. There are simple yet effective car covers you can buy, and when you park your car at the end of the day, simply cover it up with it during the night. Not only will it protect the paint from rain and snow, but also from the sun in the morning or evening; not to mention bird droppings and pollen from the trees.

Add a protective layer

If you notice that your car’s paint is not as beautiful and shiny as it was when you bought it, it’s a sign that you should polish it up and perhaps add another protective layer on top. A professional car polish is a great way to mask all those slight scratches because it contains micro-fine abrasives, and it will clean the paint without actually damaging it. You could also try a paint protection film which will keep the paint safe from changing color that can sometimes happen because of the UV lights. With such protection, you can just wipe off any contaminants including sap and road tar, bug splatter, and bird droppings.

Don’t write on your car

It might be tempting to get your hands on a dirty car and write all over it with your fingers before you thoroughly clean it, but we would advise against it. As weird as it sounds, by not writing on your dirt car with your fingers, you are actually protecting the paint. This is because by dragging your fingers on the dirt will leave deep scratch marks on the body of your car. Funny as it may seem, your dirt-covered fingers will act like fine sandpaper due to the dirt remains, and this will make the dirt particles get through the paintwork and leave scratches you won’t easily fix.

Be careful when washing

It might be convenient to use car washes, but you should try not to get too close to your car with a pressure washer, and by keeping your distance, you will be doing your car paint a service. You could also try hand-washing your car instead, because, even though it’s not as convenient or as quick, it’s the gentlest way to clean it. Also, you should use mild cleaning agents that have a low pH value.

Even though these tips might seem like too much for you, you should still try and stick to them if you want to keep your car paint in excellent condition. By paying close attention to the type of wax you’re using, to the way you wash your car, and where and how you park it, you will ensure that it looks as good as new for a very long time. It’s also important what colour of the car you will choose and how difficult is it to maintain that specific paint.