Next Generation Endpoint Security

Lastline Integration with HawkEye G
Lastline Integration

Next Generation Endpoint Security

Lastline Integration

HawkEye G is Next Generation of Endpoint Security

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Perimeter security and traditional antivirus alone is no longer enough. Do you have complete visibility into the activity on your endpoints and network?

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Threat validation enables your incident response team to focus on attacks that really pose a threat to your network and endpoints.

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A high-volume of alerts are overwhelming the scarce security resources that organizations have. Is your team able to continuously respond to all of these attacks?

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Proven Endpoint Detection and Response for Customers Worldwide

Energy & Critical Infrastructure

Energy & Critical Infrastructure

Don't find your organization in the headlines. Implement the tools to detect, verify and respond to attacks on your network and endpoints.

Financial Services

Financial Services

Financial institutions are always a target for hackers. Prepare your team and ensure that you're not the next victim of a data breach.



You are responsible for vital customer and employee financial data, personally identifiable information and health records. Hackers can't wait to attack. Are you ready?



Don't just call it in with your cybersecurity solutions. Protect your critical customer information with Hexis.



Ensure the protection of your sensitive transaction data, customer buying behavior, personally identifiable information and most importantly, your reputation.


Government & DOD

The public sector continues to be a hot target for attack. Be certain that you can detect, verify and respond to legitimate threats against your organization.

Defense Industrial Base

Defense Industrial Base

As a vendor in this sector, cybersecurity is paramount to more than your bottom line. We’ll help you comply with the DoD’s mandates for cybersecurity.

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