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If you keep up with the cybersecurity industry, you know that good news isn't always easy to come by. But every now and then, it becomes apparent that it's not all doom and gloom in the field.

One sign that cybersecurity is finally getting its due is its inclusion into university-level computer science and business school curricula.

The field of cybersecurity is facing potential shortfalls in trained professionals that can contribute to its growth. But as the skills of the...


From a consumer perspective, a technical malfunction in a car is a terrifying thought. However, according to a new report on Fiat Chrysler vehicles, cars are just as easily hacked as computers.

​In an experiment conducted on Fiat Chrysler cars, two cybersecurity researchers were able to hack into the computer systems with an old Macbook at a remote location. The researchers were able to steer the wheel, cut the brakes and drive the car off the road.

Fiat Chrysler responded with...


For tech startups, the focus is usually on acquiring users, developing products and eventually attracting investors or getting bought by a larger company.

For all of those things to happen, however, it's now necessary for these startups to prove that they not only have a great business, but the proper cyberdefenses to protect their digital assets. In fact, many established companies are bringing in consultants to advise them on whether or not they should acquire a startup based on how...


With each passing day, there is another major corporation that gets hit by a cyberattack. The headlines are similar, all dealing with high levels of data breaches and significantly inadequate cybersecurity protocols. However, one recent cyberattack was a reminder that no company is safe. A BBC News report revealed that Kaspersky Lab, one of the...


In our last video, we discussed how important it is for executive teams to play an active role in cybersecurity. This time, we will look specifically at how an enterprise's chief financial officer can have an impact.

One of the prime targets hackers pursue is a company's financial data, and CFOs today know it. A recent Deloitte survey found that seventy-four percent of CFOs consider cybersecurity a top priority for the protection of financial data and valuable intellectual property....


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