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Proving that there are myriad ways to expose sensitive data, the state of Georgia botched its regular release of voter information data to include personally identifiable information like Social Security numbers and birth dates for 6.2 million residents of the Peach State.

A dozen CDs loaded with voter information Dubbed "PeachBreach" by some commentators, this data breach happened in an oddly old-fashioned way. Employees at the Georgia Secretary of State's...


This week’s Rewind blog focuses on security automation with much of the content provided by our compadres at Intel Security. When I see industry giants like Intel talking about themes that are core to our views at Hexis Cyber Solutions, I see that as positive validation.


Security Automation – Part 1

Great blog by Intel Security entitled “Incidence-Response Imperative: Take Immediate Action.”   Key points...


Whatever one's opinion on the National Security Agency's most well-known former contractor, cybersecurity pros will likely be interested to hear what Edward Snowden has to say about operational security.

Opsec tips from one of the world's most wanted The whistleblower recently sat down in Moscow for yet another media interview. But this one was different because the reporter on the case, Micah Lee of The Intercept, chose to focus on the geeky details of...


As a cybersecurity pro, it's no news to you that the industry has a dire shortfall of trained personnel. So here's some good news: To judge by the popularity of one university's Cyber Security Awareness Week events, the pipeline is filling with eager job candidates.

New York University's Tandon School of Engineering recently hosted the event, which drew attendees from as far away as the United Arab Emirates. Talented high schoolers joined experienced grad students in challenges like...


Opponents of the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and Syria have an unlikely but potentially powerful ally - the loose group of hackers known as "Anonymous."

After the terror attacks in Paris and Beirut, Anonymous posted a YouTube video. It was addressed to ISIS. In it, a masked announcer says, in French, that Anonymous will launch "massive cyber attacks" against ISIS.

It's clear these aren't empty threats. Anonymous issued a similar call after the killings of cartoonists...


Are Android phones being used as endpoints on the network you're protecting? If so, you need to be aware of a new kind of threat.

This malware disguises itself as a trusted app like Facebook or Candy Crush. But instead of providing social connection or addictive game play, it delivers root attacks. This "Trojanized adware" embeds itself as a system app. Three known families include Shuanet, ShiftyBug and GhostPush.

Here's an important note: This malware infects only apps from...


The next generation endpoint security market continues to heat up and garner additional well-deserved attention. This week also yielded an eye-opening article on cyberwar in Ukraine. Read on!

Next Generation Endpoint Security Noise Increasing There continues to be an increase in media coverage around next generation endpoint security. Analyst firm Gartner refers to this market as Endpoint Detection and Response. Last week, Jon Oltsik (@joltsik)...


CBS has expanded its "CSI" franchise to the cybersecurity realm with "CSI: Cyber." So we wondered: What do real security experts say about the spinoff?

First, a little about the series: Critics say it's a paint-by-numbers cop show with a tech sheen. The entertainment industry's own newspaper, Variety, concluded that this show about an FBI anti-hacking team is "just plain hackneyed."

Actual cybersecurity pros also aren't impressed. For instance, the pilot episode featured a...


Next Generation Endpoint and Active Cyber Defense Key Themes

CyberMaryland 2015 validates that next generation endpoint is heating up, focus is shifting to detect and respond from prevent, and integration and automation are becoming more critical. Below are my takeaways from the opening keynote and the sessions I attended. Enjoy!

Opening Keynote Discussed Nation State Adversaries, Active Cyber Defense and Cyber Resilience

The opening...


Tech experts say a sweeping cybersecurity bill won't increase the safety of data - but might imperil privacy.

The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act recently passed the Senate. Now lawmakers must reconcile it with a House bill.

The bill aims to make it easier for companies to share data with the government on cyber threats.

Noted cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs calls it a "let's do something law." In his analysis, it doesn't encourage companies to invest in and...


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