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By Anna Wehberg, Sr. Marketing Director - Hexis

The Office of Personnel Management has confirmed the worst: there were 5.6 million fingerprints stolen from its computer databases. This cyberattack represents the largest of its kind on the Office of Personnel Management in U.S. history.

Office of Personnel Management has massive breach
The number of fingerprints stolen has now increased from 1.1 million to 5.6 million,...


What happens when government defense agencies have vulnerabilities in their network computer systems? The answer to that question is something the National Protection and Programs Directorate, Secret Service and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agencies are still trying to figure out, according to a...


Online gambling sites face an endless number of cybersecurity challenges on a daily basis. Four Atlantic City casino gambling sites were recently reminded of this fact.

The four Atlantic City casinos with online gambling websites were hit with a distributed denial of service attack that flooded all four websites with data, making them inoperable for over 30 minutes. In a statement released by the hacker, there are more disruptions expected in the near future, if the ransom is not met...


In recent months, more and more financial services institutions have been hit by cyberattacks. Now, the IRS is one of them as 334,000 tax accounts were illegally accessed.

The IRS data breach occurred through the "Get Transcript" app, a program used to acquire information about tax returns. In a statement, IRS officials reported the original number of accounts affected had tripled. IRS officials believed the goal of the data breach was to gather information to use on fraudulent tax...


With more and more universities becoming victims of cyberattacks, this disturbing trend has exposed countless educational institution network computer systems to risks. Rutgers University was the latest victim of a data breach recently which left its students, faculty and employees without Internet...


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