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Real-World Cyber Report

Threats Found by HawkEye G

HawkEye G has found over 41 million instances of advanced threats getting into customer networks … and counting. These threats – which have eluded the other security measures – can then be removed by HawkEye G, preventing network compromise and saving remediation costs.


Customer Savings

Time is a huge factor for remediation. Speed of response is critical. Gartner and other industry experts indicate that incident response takes an average of 4 hours to investigate EACH incident and a cost of $64/hr per security ops professional. This formula does not include the actual time of removal costs since that can take weeks or months.

Malware Missed by Others

Every organization has existing hardware and software in their network. Because HawkEye G sits behind these wares, it captures malware that other solutions have misdiagnosed. As a result, this is a clear indicator that typical cybersecurity and AV solutions aren’t working properly. Our solution also captures and remediates inside threats which no other vendor can provide.

Client Example

Currently HawkEye G is deployed in several different industries with multi-tiered security solutions. In 100% of these deployments, our solution found malware on-site, beaconing out and hostile files on disk. Our leading HSOC analysts are researching issues and providing clients with deeper insight to the data.

HawkEye G identified 207 files as malicious.

HawkEye G analyzed over 11 million files every day.

HawkEye G collected forensic data on 5,277 Windows devices regularly.

HawkEye G observed malware-related Web traffic a total of 27,270 times over the past 90 days.

The HawkEye family of integrated products and services address customers’ most demanding needs in security, compliance, data retention and other related applications. Using a highly scalable, high-performance big data platform, sophisticated analytics, deep forensic scanning, and a continuously updated library of threats and countermeasures, the solutions identify, validate and remove advanced threats automatically at machine speeds – before damage is done. Learn More...

The NetBeat product line features solutions built to provide organizations with simplified network monitoring, analysis and control. NetBeat NAC delivers 360 degree network visibility in a set of easy-to-use applications that increase security, reduce risk and improve organizational productivity. Learn More....


HexisCare provides assurance that the selection, deployment, and long term ownership of Hexis products will be supported so customers gain the most value out of their investments. This includes professional services, customer support, training and a Hexis Security Operations center that allows customers to leverage threat intelligence across the community of our users. Learn More...

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